Tips and Tricks: Which Tea

Some great advice I find really useful when deciding what tea to drink, sourced from the UK Telegraph.

Unlike breakfast teas, such as English Breakfast and Assam, which are robust and full-bodied, afternoon teas should be lighter on the palate, so that they don’t dominate the delicate flavours in the food. Orange Pekoe tea is a popular choice, as it is light, fragrant, yet flavoursome. Darjeeling, the so-called “champagne of teas”, is generally considered the best tea to go with cream teas, although other black teas work well too.

Earl Grey’s citrussy bergamot flavour and slight spiciness makes it an ideal accompaniment to fruity cakes. Some black teas have smoky, orange, floral or vanilla tones which work with very rich dessert-type cakes. Rose tea is best served with plain scones, cream and jam. Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong work with dark chocolate, while green teas complement light sponges. White tea is so pure it is best to keep the food simple (plain cake or shortbread).

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