Venues: My Dining Room, Christmas Special

Hosting Christmas for the first time I was excited to be able to start a new family tradition of a high tea breakfast. I love having leisurely breakfasts that merge into lazy lunches, helping to set the mood for a day of relaxation and rest, prefect for christmas.

My dining table was transformed the instant I covered it in my 20131227_SweetTeaACT_-3husbands Nanna’s crocheted lace tablecloth, the addition of beautiful tea sets, tea pots and cake stands simply added to the elegance.

imagesNow with a beautiful table the challenge was to provide a menu that matched.  For Christmas morning my family and I enjoyed toasted honey and cinnamon muesli, honey yoghurt panacota, vanilla roasted strawberries and banana and coconut pancakes drizzled with hot caramel sauce plus of course tea. Needless to say we had a very late lunch after a long walk with the dogs.

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