Tips and Tricks: Limp and Tired Flowers

I love fresh cut flowers, not only do they look beautiful, they smell delicious and there are a trillion different varieties for any occasion. They’re an easy way to create an elegant or fun centerpiece for any high tea. I bought some orchids the other day and after the hot car ride home they were looking a bit worse for wear, this is a handy tip I discovered on how to bring life back into limp and tired looking flowers. 8e9c6b2f6ac1d9d061ace49a86d016c4

Apparently flowers drink through their tops as well as through their stems. The trick is to give the stems a fresh cut and lay them down in lukewarm water so the whole flower is submerged.

Give them 30 odd minutes and they’ll be looking as beautiful as ever.

With the ongoing hot weather you can also spritz their heads with some tap water on a regular basis to prevent further wilting.





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